mOrE bOuNcY ChAiRs

More chairs to show off. I'm sure you all are just dying to see the rest of my rusty metal bouncers. lol!
Bouncy chair # 7 is a a green rocker. This one was really, really chippy.I scrubbed off all the loose chippy paint and  coated it well with the varnish . I think someone could sit in it if they wanted. I've moved it and the others way to the back of the yard. It's a cute seating arrangement that no one ever uses but me.

Next bouncy chair # 8. Another one of my favorites. It is scrubbed and coated with varnish.

Then next is this old green glider.
Can you see Max sniffing the back fence? Some how he always gets in my pictures.

5 more chairs to go.
These are the rest of the chairs I have to work on. What to do, what to do???  I think I'll spray paint all of them. There is nothing special about the old paint on these. Each and everyone of these I got at a flea market or garage sale. Did not spend over 10.00 for any. It's work but a great bargain.
So if I get all this done....I'm going to have a backyard BBQ. I can see shopping for paper lanterns and lights next. :))))
Hope you all are having a wonderful spring.


  1. What a collection you have! I love these old chairs, especially the bouncy ones. They'll make such an eclectic grouping when you are done!

    I hope you get to sit and relax in them! I am always putting chairs in the yard or patio, and then never sitting out there! Yesterday was gorgeous, I hauled the cushions out and put them on the chairs, and no one ever sat down! We were too busy painting and cleaning. Today it's raining! Bleh. Moral of the story: don't miss your chance to sit in the sun!

  2. I would sit in every single one...but I'd end up in the rocker...cuz that's how I roll...I mean rock.


  3. These are great- thanks for sharing more pictures! I would love to have a collection like that- especially the first one with the bits of green paint- that's one of my favorite shades, always brings to mind the 50's!
    Have fun with your BBQ and please keep sharing pictures!

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with them.