Pages From My Art Journal

Le Journal is the first page in my new art journal. I started it a few weeks ago. I did the first page on  the plane to Vegas. We were staying in the Paris casino. Get it?..wink, wink. Le Journal. It's in French. Ok I know it's not that funny.  It's a zen-tangle doodle. I find this process very relaxing and since I was on a plane I could not do much with paints and glue. 
Next page here I am wishing away. I've been doing a lot of wishing lately. I'm wishing I could find my rings. Wishing I were Jeannie and I could just wiggle my nose to get the boring stuff  done, like the house work, grocery shopping, cooking, or laundry. This list could go on and on. Also wishing my muse would come back.
Lately my muse has been on hiatus. I have not been inspired to do much other then the yard and back porch. So anyway, will see what happens next.


  1. I love your journal pages! Did you feel self conscious on the plane knowing eyes were probably watching you as you drew? I always do when I have an audience while I sketch or even design on the computer.

    My muse has been replaced by Mother Nature. I have a hard time getting away from my flowers in the spring and early summer! and ppppffff... housework just sucks.

    later tater!

  2. I'm about pooped out too...I think I did too much...I've started swimming and it's kicking my arse. This little frency poo journal is adorable. Even on a plane you still got


  3. I love your journal- especially the zentangle doodle. I still haven't started one and every time I see someone else's it inspires me to do one- someday- when I have time....if such a thing should ever happen ;)
    And I agree with Jaime that housework just plain sucks!

  4. I am loving your pages! I used to doodle more with rapidograph pens years ago. There was never a term for it back then or I didn't know it zen-tangle doodle is very similar.I start doing felt pen pages every now and then and I have yet to come up with ones I love or like well enough to share. Housework is a pain and never ending!

  5. I love your french journal! Someday I'd like to try an art journal.

    I've been doing so many things outdoors, that I don't feel very creative. I don't see my muse anywhere lately ~ she has gone away on holiday and forgotten to take me with her!

  6. sometimes the fresh air and the dirt could be just the thing to wake that silly muse. Your journal pages are lovely by the way....