Water Theme Inspiration Avenue


A beautiful sunrise over the ocean. Doesn't it look like the ocean is about to tip over???
I had to share this photo for the challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue. 
The theme is water. 
I took this shot early one morning while walking the beach in Port Aransas Texas. It's not far from San Antonio....where I live.
I can not wait until our next visit. We will probably be going back soon. {Sometimes in August.} I don't think the oil spill has come to our side of the gulf......yet. I'll let you know. 
The ocean is calling me....see you soon my dear coastal waters.


  1. ahhhhhhhh just a stunning photo. I can hear the ocean waves right now. Here's hoping for no tar balls!

  2. Ooh, wouldn't I just love to be dipping my toes in that ocean. Funnily enough last night I dreamt I was surfing. I was waiting in the water for that big wave and then started paddling franctially - it was then I woke up as my flailing arms bashed everything on my bedside table!!

  3. So beautiful! You're so lucky to live near the ocean. I'm jealous!

    I LOVE the pieces you've done for Suzi's Petite Dolls!! Isn't it fun?

  4. yes it is very nice and warm sunny aaahh love

  5. beautiful, great feeling of peace.EE

  6. SO beautiful- I love the ocean, nothing soothes me more than the sound of the waves hitting the sand!

  7. How beautiful and serene...I miss the ocean.
    Haven't been on vacation for sixteen years.
    That's a wonderful photo, Charlie!

  8. so peaceful & serene! beautiful shot charlie!

  9. Charlie, this is beautiful.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer. I am working like a madwoman to get ready for a show in October..I need a vaca!