Inspiration Avenue Weeklly Challenge: Freedom

"Butterflies Are Free"

The theme this week at IA is Freedom. Freedom can mean so many things and can be interpreted in so many ways. I have designed a patriotic banner for my blog so I did not feel the need to go in that direction again.
I was in a sewing mode this week and had an itch to! I pulled out an old quilt form my grandmother. It has been stashed away in an old trunk for years. It was in terrible condition. I think most people would have thrown it away, but not me. I ripped and cut out the best parts of the quilt. Then I separated the top and back and threw away the middle batting. I knew there was something I could make out of the pieces. This is what I came up with. It is a small stitched mixed media hanging. I stitched layers of the cutout fabric together in a whimsical fashion and added other ephemera. A butterfly came to mind as a symbol of freedom, so I designed a butterfly and stitched it on. Anyone remember the 70's movie "Butterflies are Free" with Goldie Hawn?
If you would like to participate check out Inspiration Avenue for more details.


  1. It came out nice...Thinking about stitching paper too. And thank GOD the theme has

    Have a great weekend Charlie...BBQin' in the rain?


  2. I really love the colors of this piece. And your grandmaother's piece can now be seen by others as well-lovely work!

  3. Love this Charlie!

    I also love your banner and your background too :)

    Happy 4th!


  4. I did a butterfly too! Great minds...
    I love yours! And the fact that you can sew :)
    happy 4th

  5. This is wonderful- I hope you hang it somewhere where you can enjoy it daily- great interpretation of the theme!

  6. I am "wowed" by your patriotic banner and blog!
    I love how you incorporated your grandmother's quilt piece that you can hang and enjoy and know that is something from your past!

  7. This is really cute.
    I love sewing/art as well. Now we the freedom to fray the edges and do what ever we want!Doesn't have to be matchy-matchy like in olden days.