Wine Glass Wednesday

Just a little tipsy!
Here is another one of my hand painted wine glasses. It's Christmas in July.
This was painted a while back at the same time as the grape wine glass I featured a couple of weeks ago. I'm not into painting on glass anymore. Been there done that.
It is crazy at mi casa this week. The home owners association have finally decided to replace our back fence. Yeah I'm so happy. We have been waiting for this for a few weeks now. First they said they could not get a hold of us, then it was the hurricane, last week I don't know what their problem was.
I can't let Max out to play or teetee in the back yard because there is no fence. I have to go with him. Not so bad it's just he tends to wander off.
It shouldn't take them too long to finish.We shall see.


  1. Just a little tipsy...too funny!
    Great glass :)
    Happy WGW!

  2. I like your glasses.
    Is glass paint hard to use?
    I've never used it and would like to try it.
    Could make good gifts.