Mosaic Cross

Here is my entry for Inspiration Avenue's Challenge this week "Broken Pieces".
I used to do mosaics all the time
I still want to.
It's just my heart is somewhere else.
I'd rather be drawing and doodling.
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  1. This is wonderful- is it going into your garden or do you have other plans for it?
    I've always wanted to learn how to do mosiacs- when we lived in St. Croix, I collected "Chaney" bits of antique china washed up on the shore- I'd love to use them to make a table top......
    Anyway, I love YOUR piece!

  2. wonderful piece Charlie! i love your mosaic work but i also love your paintings :) doesn't matter where you are, as long as you are happy creating, that's most important! and when you're happy, only great work will come out of it :)

  3. It's beautiful. So many creative projects... so little time...

  4. This is lovely! The mosaic looks very beautiful.

  5. I love the colors and patterns you have put together! This is so pretty.

  6. Charming cross. I love making mosaics although it's a bit of a mess! Patsy from

  7. Well from what I see, you should do MORE...BEAUTIFUL! I am going to try my hand at it sometime..after my husband has broken enough of my china, I should have enough! LOL (he's more of a stoneware man) ha!

  8. I have a cross like that...laying around and waiting...What a fabulous idea! I may copy-cat you some are so inspiring :)

  9. Playing catch up thids weekend I just LOVE this piece!!!
    You are so inspiring as Lisa said!!!!