New Year New Me

 My first page in my new art journal for 2011. It's only the 21st. It could be worse. At least I made it before the end of January. :)
I'm trying all kinds of new stuff. That's my mantra for the new year. To be  bold and  more adventurous, but most of all  to listen to that little whisper in my head that tells me to go for it. That's the toughest of all. I always critique my voice in my head.

The color is a little off in the photos. It's not quite this orange, but that's natural lighting for you. There is an orange flower next to the drawing so I'm sure that has something to do with it.I like using clear gesso on the pages because the paint colors come out so vibrant but not sure I like the way it wrinkles the paper. 
I'm so glad it's the weekend too. I wish the cold weather would go away. I don't like the cold. All I want to do is hibernate when it's like this. I'm so ready for spring.

Enjoy the weekend, see you next time.


  1. I really like her! Love all the texture and the little bird in her hair! Great job! Michele

  2. she's lovely Charlie and the colours are gorgous. I'm painting a Goddess too at the moment.

  3. Hey Charlie,
    I'm lovin' all the texture and the expression oh her face. Her eyes remind me of that artist from the 60's that painted all those girls with the big wistful eyes. Looking forward to the new adventuress you...although the old was fine


  4. Oh Charlie...this is beautiful!!


  5. This is beautiful, Charlie! Her hair is gorgeous ~ wish I had hair like that! I love the color palette, the purple dress and the orange background rocks! She looks very thoughtful...

  6. She is beautiful- I love the color combination you used! One of my goals this year is to start a sketchbook/journal- I probably should buy one, so I won't be able to procrastinate....;)
    And my inner voice critiques my critiques....I constantly have to give her a gag order!
    I'm ready for Spring too- I thought we lived in warm places to avoid this kind of weather!

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