A Stroll in the Neighborhood

 Here is an odd collection of photos taken in my neighborhood today. I decided to bring my camera along on Max's walk. It's not easy to take pictures with him as he is tugging me along but I did manage to get in a few.
I should have joined that group that is taking a photo a day for a year. I found out about too late and not sure I'd succeed at that challenge anyway. 
However,I would like to take more photos, maybe get a different perspective and at the same time improve my skills.  It's all part of my new year new me endeavor.
 I did realize.... January is not my favorite month. It's not pretty here in January. At least in the north there might be snow to cover up all the dead and or deciduous plant life.

These lions have always cracked me up. What else can I say?
I do like the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Even though I've seen this stuff a hundred times it all looks different behind the lens of a camera.
I'm not sure the photos are that great but it was fun. Max enjoyed it too.

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