No longer a Secret

Piazza "Novona"

Hi everyone! I'm back! My secret reveals itself. I went to Rome for a two week vacation. Sorry for the zipped lips but hubby did not want anyone to know we were out of the country for two weeks. He hears such horror stories about the internet. I could not post on Facebook while I was in Rome either. That was really hard for me. I cant' tell how many times I wanted to post a shot of where I was. I took over 700 photos and still editing. The shot above was taken the first day in Rome. As you can see it was a dreary day. It started out beautiful and then got colder and colder. This piazza became my favorite piazza.
The first day we were there we saw so many sites I thought I was going to run out of things to see. Boy was I wrong! There is so much to see in Rome! It took a week to see most everything we wanted to see there. The following week we took and day trip to Orveato and an overnight trip to Cinque Terre, both amazing!
This trip was a once in a life time chance for me and my husband. We are not world travelers. We were invited to go with a friend who lived in Rome in the 70's and has gone there many time. She speaks Italian fairly well and led us around like a professional tour guide. We felt so lucky to have her. We rented apartments near the Vatican with her and her husband and another couple. Our best friends came along too but did not stay with us. They stayed in a hotel and were there for one week. 
Our apartment was way down the stairs through these gates.

We walked down these stairs every day to get to the metro. Steps were about a half a block from our apartment.

 Same steps, looking up. We never walked so much in our lives. No wonder Europeans are so skinny!
The Vatican was literally across the street. I thought we would visit it more but the lines to get in were horrendous. 
I would like to blog about my vacation and show as many pictures as possible.  Stay tuned and I will write something about it everyday. 



  1. How exciting Charlie!!! You probably came back happy, more in love, skinny and just kidding~ Can't wait for more pics....
    I'm so happy for you guys~


  2. I'm so looking forward to seeing your trip, through your eyes. It is such a beautiful city and you're right, there is always something more to see. Side trips are also wonderful and walking? It's a must if you want to see all that you can...your legs must be in great shape!! Glad that you enjoyed yourself!!!!

  3. Yay! Looks like you had an awesome time. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. I can't wait to see more pictures!! That was smart that you didn't post that you would be gone. I always do that too!

    I will be waiting for more posts!


  5. Hi Charlie, welcome back! So happy for you and that is a wonderful chance of a life time escape. I look forward to seeing and reading about your lovely adventure!! Theresa

  6. Wow, how amazing is that! Can't wait to see more pictures! You lucky girl!

  7. And what an incredible secret it was! I can't wait to travel vicariously through you- I've always wanted to go to Italy!