Roman Holiday


 St Peter's Basilica Square

On the first day we saw Piazza Novona, the Pantheon and St Peters Basilica. Three sites that were on my must see list. St Peter's Basilica is awesome. It is huge! Huge does not say enough. It has some unbelievable art: Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael. The best part for me was we attended mass there. I'm catholic so that was a real treat.  The Pope did not say mass at this time because he only says mass on Sunday and Wednesday. I have some beautiful shots inside but some did not come out great because you can not use flash. This was the case in all of the churches we went into. There are over 300 Catholic churches in Rome. We saw a few on the tour list. I could go back just to take tours of the churches. One is more beautiful the next. 

Inside the Basilica
Just to give you an idea of how enormous it is.


  1. I must agree about the Churches. I'm not Catholic but I was so moved in every Church we entered. We had a Papal Audience and that was quite something...the nuns were all going quite "mad"!! As for me, just being inside St. Peter's sent chills up my spine...the art?? OMG...I was captivated and breathless. I even left the Basilica telling everyone I was going to be a nun!! My boyfriend at the time was less than impressed!! :)

  2. oh wow! just breath taking. thanks for sharing :)

  3. So beautiful! I am loving seeing all your photos!
    Inside is amazing. xo Theresa