My Art

This is what I've been working on. I love them all and will have a hard time parting with them. (Oh well that's the way it goes.) I want them hanging and ready to sell in my friends cafe by Labor day weekend which is also market days in old town Helotes.
My husband said I should list them in my Etsy shop as well as selling in M's cafe but I think that would be playing with fire. I can image the same one selling at both places and then I'd be screwed. But that's me the worrier.
I can not believe it's Labor Day already. Where did my summer go? I have only one more day to wear white. I think that's a stupid rule especially for the south. It's so hot and will be until the end of September and probably well into October. Summer really does not end until the 21st of September anyway.
Hope you all had a great summer..... I'm ready for fall.



  1. Girl, WEAR that white! Those old rules no longer apply -- be a rebel if you feel it's tradition...and be comfortable! Loving all the art -- wishing you much success in sales! xo

  2. What about winter white? 7 new paintings!?!?!! That is wonderful and exciting that they will be hanging where they can be see in real life, so much better than on a screen.
    I managed to move AND sell the old house too. You are right, damned near killed me, but now I can begin to enjoy a different house...a new project.