mY mEssY dEsK

Messy desk means creativity is flourishing! I have not been posting much because I've been working, creating, painting, basically having fun in my studio.
My hubby has been traveling a lot. He's been catching up on travel since he was off work most of May and part of June. He is in New York City this week. I'm so jealous. Wish I could have gone with him but not a good time to take wifey on business trip. Oh well. It gives me a chance to work non stop, all day or all night. Whatever my muse decides.
So here is a sneak peek...
I've made five mixed media paintings so far....I'll show them eventually. They are going into my friends new cafe. She wants to hang my art in her restaurant. I'm so excited! So obviously I wont be listing them in my Etsy shop.
I have decided I really don't care if I sell my art. I love making it. I get so attached to each piece it's really hard to give up. This year I stopped selling my art on Etsy and hung up all my pieces in my house. Now I'll decorate my friends cafe. As long as I'm inspired and having fun making things, I'll continue on.

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  1. That is exciting that your art is going to be hung in your friend's restaurant!

    I feel like you do....I don't care if I sell anything anymore. I just love creating and will keep doing so.

    Happy Sunday dear Charlie!