My favorite spot on the boat! 

Me and the mister just got back from our first ever cruise. It was fun! We went to the Caribbean and visited the ports of Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. It was a seven day cruise with two formal nights...Yikes. LOL! We never dress up anymore so this was a treat for me. We ate and drank too much but that's what vacations are all about...Right? Now I have to go on a diet. Boooo! 

This is our ship the "Crown Princess". We are docked in Roatan. It was a fun day on the beach. Lying in the shade drinking margaritas. Don't worry...I tried very hard to keep my hubby out of the sun. I made him wear those long sleeve fishing shirts whenever possible.
This was my favorite day.......no excursions!

In the picture above we are taking a Tender to the port of Belize. There is no place for the cruise ship to dock so they come get us in these little bitty boats. I don't know any of these people.

Me and one of the native Mayans in Belize. hehe!

The ship to the left in photo above is the "Oasis of the Sea"! It is the largest cruise ship in the world. The ship next  to it is a Carnival ship or maybe a Norwegian not sure but pretty amazing either way!!! Our ship was huge but not as big as this. This photo was taken in Cozumel.

He thinks he looks like Indiana Jones. 

In Cozumel we visited the ancient ruins of Tulum. This was my husbands favorite part. He loves all the history. I would have liked it but we had to be on the pier the morning of the adventure at 7:15 am. Thats too early for vacation. Not just up and ready to go but off the cruise ship down a long dock to small boat by 7:15 am.

This is the beach in Playa Del Carmen. I would have loved to spend the day on this beach but no time. It was on the way to the Tulum ruins. I want to come bace here.

Now back to reality. My Easter decorations.

In a previous post I did a Pinterest craft using Elmers glue and food coloring

This is what I did with the vases I painted with the Elmers glue and food coloring. Ok ......some of them are made with Adirondack Alcohol Inks. I started experimenting because I was not that impressed with the Elmers glue technique. Using the Elmers glue is just a one time thing because if you get the outside of the vase wet the glue gets all sticky and streaky. Ugggg! So I'm trying to find something permanent. The alcohol inks did not fair any better. These bottles will either get tossed in the trash can or scrubbed down and redone.
Anyway they made a great Easter decoration for my mantel.

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