Bunting Banners For Halloween, Christmas, Weddings Or Children's Rooms

The sewing bug attacked me again and as a result I made these banners.  They are made out of remnants that have been hanging out in storage.  I love it when I can use up leftovers or repurpose things. They are all for sale in my Etsy shop. Just click the link under each photo to find out more information or to buy. Or go to my Etsy shop by clicking the Etsy Mini on sidebar.
I think mine are unique because I added appliqué flowers on each flag. Except for the Halloween and Christmas ones, they only have flowers on the middle flag.
It's my prerogative how many flowers I put on each banner. Hee.
This is all I've made so far. I want to make a smaller version with more flags.  I'll get to that later 'cause now the painting bug has infected me so it's back to my easel. I always flip flog like that. One day I feel like painting, next day it's something else. I'm so fortunate that I have the luxury to do what I want when I feel like it. 
I made a Halloween paper banner last year for myself. It's really cute and have wanted to make these fabrics ones for awhile.  So glad I finally did these. Can't wait to make more.

Code Blue

I know I've been away too long.  It's summer and I'm having way too much fun. My husband has been retired since March, so my free time is limited. He is always dragging me somewhere. lol. I still get a chance here and there to work on art. This one is not my latest but the last one I feel good enough to list in my Etsy shop. Here is the link to Code Blue.  That's the thing,,, I've done a lot of art but not a lot that I like. Just a lot of practice pieces. I've done a couple of free workshops and I bought Tracy Verdugo's book Paint Mojo!

I've only done a few exercise from it, but really enjoying them. This next painting is just one example of what I've done from the book.

It's on paper so I mounted it on black card stock. The exercise is to use leftover paint from pallet. Take a piece of paper and smooch it on top of the paint. Add other things to it, then look for little creatures or animals in the mess. Great way to use up the paint on the pallet that you don't need but don't want to waste.

Let me think what else have I been doing. Hmmmmmm.
We've gone to the coast three times....whaaaa whooo.
I've taken a cooking class. That was fun!
Gone on a few excursions with my sisters for sister day. I'll post pictures of that next time.
Gone to a couple of concerts at John T Floore Country Store.
Sightseeing the back roads of Texas, and visiting some of the great winery's we have close by.
Started reading Game of Thrones, even though I've seen every episode on HBO. Go Figure. Hee.
My summer is not over.... we will be going on our big vacations in a few. Going to Napa Valley! Cant' wait!
Hopefully I'll get better at this blogging thing come fall.
Enjoy the rest of the summer....life is too short.