One of my sister day trips this summer was to visit some of the painted churches in Texas. 
We went to the ones in Fayette County, which happens to be real close to my home town, Yoakum. These Churches were built by Czech and German immigrants in the late 1800's. 
They wanted to replicate the churches from their homeland.
 My grandparents were Czech immigrants who settled here around 1906. I guess that is why they hold a special place in my heart. I love anything that has to do with the Czech culture. Yoakum is not far and the whole time I lived at home I only visited one...The Praha Church. 
 Located in small farming communities near Schulenburg and La Grange, we visited four.

The one below located in Dubina, has been designed the first Czech settlement in Texas in 1856.
St. Cyril & Methodious Catholic Church In Dubina

St. Cyril & Methodious

St.Cyril & Methodious

St. John The Baptist Catholic Church located in Ammansville 

St. John The Baptist

St. John The Baptist

Navitity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church High Hill Texas

Nativity Of Blessed Virgin Mary 

Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
St Mary's Catholic Church Praha

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Praha

St. Mary's Catholic Church In Praha

(Prague which is pronounced praha is the capitol city of the Czech Republic.)

Shiner has a very pretty Catholic church as well but I'm not sure it is designed  a Painted Church. And of course Shiner is home to the Shiner Brewery which was started by Czech immigrants.. So if one so desires to visit some of these churches, the brewery would not be far and if one so desires a cold beer one could take a tour of the brewery on the same trip.
Just had to throw that in.
Oh and Warrenton and Round Top are on the other side of La Grange and everybody knows about that place.


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