My Halloween House

My House is just about ready for Halloween.
Every year I have a Halloween party, so I start decorating early.
I have some new things this year, but most I made last year.
Some of the new decorations are my paintings.
My painting "Are you a good witch or bad witch?" above my fireplace mantel is my newest creation.
I put together some really cute small canvases like,
the "Boo" canvases, two "Crow" canvases and "I put a spell on you!"canvas.
I found a vintage Pumpkin and Cat light up at the huge Flea Market In Warrenton.  

 My sitting room got decorated this year. Yea!

Centerpiece for formal dining table.

"I put a spell on you" of my new little canvases. In the guest bathroom.

One of my new canvases for the kitchen table.

I found this at a thrift store last year. One of my favorite finds.

I've had this cat for awhile, but still love her.

My "Boo" canvases for shelf  in sitting room.

I don't have the best hand writing, but love this idea I found on Pinterest.
I got that frame for $5.00 at Hobby Lobby. It was all chipped up.

Redecorated fireplace mantel including my new painting.

My new Painting.

Best find this year at Warrenton Flea Market.

Most of these items I made last year. 
Pumpkins I've been collecting for years.

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  1. Wow, your paintings are lovely!! :)