It's over! We have moved and are out of our house. We sold our house after 25 years. We are living in an apartment temporarily! The picture above is what it looks like outside of the apartment.

 I did not think I was going to make it! Seriously! I did all the packing. It took me about a month to pack all the little nik nakky stuff....(decorations, wall pictures, kitchen stuff, (which took me a week and a half all by itself), attic, garage stuff, extra bedroom and bathroom stuff, my studio and on a side note we took two flat -bed trailer loads of my yard stuff to my sister -in- laws place who lives out in the county).  I can not believe all the crap we have accumulated!

We rented a 10 x 30 storage unit for most of everything and the rest went into the apartment with us. It took the movers 12 hours to move us. In the rain... I might add. Nothing is easy! It never rains in Texas but the day I want to move it rains! We are in a 7 year drought so go figure. And it was cold too!
I'm so glad it's over. I can finally relax and enjoy Christmas.

I'm really enjoying the change. It's a small apartment but it's cozy and very pet friendly. The path way outside of the apartment is perfect for walking Max. I think he likes it too. He is old so he doesn't care to go outside that much anymore.

I'm so glad we did this move. It was a dramatic change for us but we needed it. I'm so grateful we sold our home especially in this economy, but actually San Antonio's economy is not that bad.

I think it hit me one day that I could not bare to live in the same place for the rest of my life. We had to do something now or just forget about it. We are no spring chickens and this move just about killed my back.

Most of my art supplies are in the storage unit. I tried to bring a few basic items along with me to the apartment, so I wont be doing much painting for a while....hopefully I can do journal work and quick sketches. Obviously my Etsy shop is closed because I put all of that stuff in storage.

After the first of the year I will get with my realtor and start looking for a house. I can't wait for that.
Then moving starts all over again. It may take me awhile to get back into art. I'm hoping to open another Etsy shop after I get settled or just totally revamp my currant one.

I think now that things have settled down I will be able to relax and get out the depression. I sure hope so.
Everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Thank God it's over! Ish. I guess the fun part is finding a new house.
    We have been considering the same thing...I want to downsize and upgrade. I found a nice house I could afford, but the thought of sifting through all of this shit...20yrs worth of crap crammed into a big old house. And I know no one will help me pack it.
    Or let me toss it.
    I am so happy for you, YOU DID IT!!!
    Merry Christmas, Charlie, to you and your family.
    And to Max, who eats apple cores. ♥♥♥

  2. wow Charlie! didn't know you were going thru such a change. i am glad everything is settled for now. yes i agree, a change is always good. it's a renewal of energy. old energy that has been stagnant is no good to anyone. hopefully this new energy will bring to you renewed hope and lots of great things in the future :)
    Happy Christmas my fren :)

  3. You've had quite the time of it, but you sound calm and sure and ready to kick back and relax and look forward to where the new year is taking you. I'm glad the biggest work is behind you and while you still have to move one more time, you won't have as much to pack when you find that new house that will become your new home! xo

  4. I am SO glad your house sold. Ours as been on the market for a year and two months and we have only had two showings. The market here is awful. We will be stuck here until it sells though.

    It will be exciting to start looking for a new home in January so I hope you find something you love!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. How exciting, Charlie! Congrats on selling your house! The grounds of your apartment look so lovely.

    I can totally relate to your wanting to make a move. It will be 12 years in our house, and as much as I like the house, I don't want to stay here forever. There are too many other places to experience! I admit it's not just the house, but the desire to move out of the small town we live in too. We've been here 17 years, and that's the longest I've ever lived anywhere.

    Good luck to you in finding your home after the new year!

    Merry Christmas, and Happy 2012!


  6. Shoot! I was just about to post a card to your now old address. Glad you survived the move and the mondo packing process.