Girls Pony Tail Holder Fabric Flower Hair Bow Tutorial

I can't let anything go to waste and fabric scraps won't get thrown away in my house.

If I have one nice piece of fabric left it goes in the fabric bin. I know one day I might find a use for them. Sometimes I think it's a!.....but at least I'm organized. 

Actually making these flowers are a lot of fun to do with your friends or family who like to craft and a great way to use up left over scraps.

My sisters and I get together frequently for sister day so we like to do crafts instead of shopping sometimes and I say sometimes because we really like to shop. 

These flowers make a great craft day project. No sewing machine required.

Here is a picture tutorial on how to make them.

But if you don't feel like making them can head over to my shop to buy one. 😄.
Here is the link to Spring Mix Set.

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