Wearable Art Aprons

Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry.

Not all who wander are lost.

Do your best to remember your dreams.

Act with love.

Here I go again.
 I'm off on another adventure making, creating, designing, painting something new.
This time it's useful. As you know from my previous post I attended an art workshop with Tracy Verdugo {awesome by the way!} and I needed an apron to wear. 
I wanted to bring an apron that I painted myself, so I quickly made one to take. 
But of course I could not stop with just one so I made five.
I took the ugliest to wear to the workshop and decided to sell the others.
I just listed them in my Etsy shop.
They are pictured above.

When thinking about the artsy fartsy apron I wanted to take to the workshop, I thought how neat it would be if it was like a pretty painting but not matter if I got paint on it while I was working.
A wearable art that could take some paint splatters and smears.
I know I probably went overboard with each one, designing them with fun inspirational sayings to make them unique, but the idea is still basically there. 

So voila..... wearable, usable art for the artist or crafter.


Finding Magic At Paint Mojo Austin 2015

Last weekend I attended my first live art class since I was in college. WOW! 
I can't believe it, but I finally did it. I took part in "Paint Mojo" by Tracy Verdugo.  
A two day retreat style art class in Austin. Tracy Verdugo from Australia is doing a 9 month long tour teaching art classes all over the world. She started out in California, then made her way to New Mexico and then did a 3 city tour in Texas.....Houston, Dallas and Austin.

So happy I was able to take this class.

Tracy and Me with our Paintings

My almost finished  painting! 

Mine half way !

Just after a few steps!


This class was such a neat experience! I love Tracy's concept and love her teaching style.
 All my class mates were supper cool and sweet. No pressure, no judgement, just a bunch of creative people in their zone trying to find a little magic in art.
I'm not sure what to call my painting yet.
I found an eye of a fox immediately and then some birds and last the bear.
Everyone is calling it a fox, but in my heart it is a coyote.  I live in a neighborhood with lots of wildlife. My backyard backs up to a ravine. I'm on a hill and we see and hear coyote's all the time. We have hawks, owls and many, many types of birds flying all around. At night the rabbits come out. I've seen bobcats and maybe even a mountain lion. Not sure about that last one, but whatever it was it was a huge cat. 
So naturally I would see these animals in my painting.
I can't wait to do another painting to see what kind of animal will emerge!
Love, love my Coyote!



I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop!

Spreading the love and doing some spring cleaning at the same time.

All vintage collectibles, aprons, and banners are on sale.

25% Off

Now through March 7th 2015.


Owls Mixed Media Art Set

These two sweeties are listed in my Etsy shop.
I can't help myself...I've gone all cutesy. oh well, they make me happy.

Winter is not over yet, so I'm spending the day in my art room. It sure seemed like it was over last week. It got up into the low 80's and 70's. Really had a hard time staying inside. We worked out in our yard and planted a few new shrubs. Thank goodness I didn't plant any flowers. Just knew it was too soon. Old man winter went into hiding for a few days just to mess with my head. Blaaaa! 
All is good. 
Art calls me.

Queen Birdie Flies To Paris

My latest little piece of art is now available in my Easy shop. I actually painted her in December but just now getting around to listing her. I did one other painting at the same time, but that one sold right out of my house! Yuppie! Crazy for me anyway. The pest control man bought it. How fun is that?  I can not believe it! That happened last Friday.
I decided to display some of my painting on my mantel, only because I did not know what else to put there. I alway change the mantel out with the seasons. Christmas decorations are down and it looked so bare. Did not want to buy something new. So, Duuuuh! Why not put my own art up? I have most of my art on my walls and I had a painting of mine on the wall above the mantel but never on the mantel itself. oh well a picture would be better. Next time hubby wants to get on the computer.

Pet Portrait Max

This is my Max. I've been so depressed since he passed, so to help me get over him, I started drawing and painting him. It has helped tremendously. I love me new dog Zoe. She is the sweetest dog and she already has a very special place in my heart. But my Max was with me too long to just move on.

This is an acrylic painting on mixed media paper. Eventually I want to paint him on canvas. Then maybe I will paint Zoe.  Luckily he is black and white so there is not a lot of mixing colors.

I'm very excited about the new year and all that it will bring. I have a lot to look forward to. It always seems like I never have enough time to do everything I want to do.
I'm still focusing on my Etsy shop. I have lots of ideas for things to make this year. Cant wait to get started.
Cheers to 2015!

Shelter Dogs are the Best

 My Max passed on September 29th 2014. I have been so out of sorts ever since. Can't remember being this depressed. He was such a big part of my life. He was 14 years old and I got him when he was a puppy. I know there will never be another dog like him. He was so unique, intelligent and loving. 
With that said I could not go on without having another dog in my life. I decided I needed to rescue a dog from Animal Care Service which is basically the pound. We have such a bad problem here with strays and unwanted pets. I looked and looked through a lot of shelters like the humane society's and no kill shelters but in the end had to get one from the pound. Not a hard decision since they have over 400 dogs housed there. It breaks my heart even more looking at all of them and trying to decide which one to rescue. They all have a horror story that we are never told. 
I did not want a puppy. I would have loved to rescue an old dog but then I'm not sure I can go through the end of their life so soon. I wanted a calm dog, not a little dog and not a real big dog either. 


I found Zoe....well her name was not Zoe in the pound...I renamed her.

She is very sweet. Definitely was abused but no one really knows what happen to her. She was brought to the pound with 6 puppies too old to be nursing her. She was very weak and malnourished. All her puppies were adopted out. Yea!
I adopted about a week ago. She does not like to walk on the tile. So I had to move her food and water dish close to the carpet. She is very timid, but hopefully in time she will gain some confidence. 

I still miss my Max and can't stop crying, but having Zoe in my life has helped the lonely house feeling. It's so nice to come home to a happy, excited dog to greet you at the door. 
With all this going on I have not been too industrious making art or being creative. 
Hopefully I get back into the swing of things soon.