Remember this background painting from last year? It's from a repurposed canvas I found in a thrift store. Really!
Painted over whatever, and this pretty background emerged. But then I got stuck. I felt more was needed but did not know what.
Well inspiration at last!
I'm really happy with the results. It's different for me at least, little more realistic and painterly. I still love using paper in my art but I'm trying to paint more, explore more options like painting outside, and going big. Now that's scary!

Little by little, step by step, brush stoke by brush stroke, art happens.

The Wedding

As promised some pictures of my sons wedding! It was so beautiful! The weather was perfect even though there was crazy weather up near Dallas. The same storm with all the tornadoes! Thank you Lord for not letting the crazy weather make it down near us. It was a little overcast with slight chance of rain, so it never got too hot. Great day for an out door wedding.
It was held at a lovely vineyard.
Next photo obviously me dancing with my baby boy! We danced to "I hope you dance". Luckily I got my crying out at the ceremony.
Then the beautiful bride and groom dancing.
Can't wait to see the photos taken by the professional.
Just so very happy for my son. Feeling so blessed.

Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

Here are my sweet wedding cake toppers that I collected just for the shower I gave for my now daughter in law.
I listed them for sale in my Etsy shop. I love them and hate to sell them but they will just get packed up and put away for a long time.
Here is a link to the  Lefton Wedding Couple .

Wine Cork Place Card Holders

The wedding is almost upon us. I'm so excited and nervous I could jump out of my skin. Since we are the parents of the groom, we will be hosting the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Hubby and I decided to do a seating arrangement so we need place card holders. The wedding will be held at a winery and we wanted to keep with the theme. Luckily we have been saving our wine corks since who knows when. I love this idea.
Glue three corks together to make triangle, (so it will stand up properly). But first slice/cut top of one cork before it is glued down. This is where my hubby came in. He used his jigsaw to cut the top slice to hold the card.
I like to make everything so I just cut out cards from card stock and stamped a cute butterfly on the side. Names are handwritten. Does not look like it came from a professional printer which is exactly what I wanted.
Just wanted to share this little project. The count down has begun and I've got many a things to do.
I probably won't be able to take pictures with my camera but I will try to sneak in a few with my cell so I can post some here asap, after all is over.
Hugs and toodles,

Girl With Red Curly Hair

Here is my latest work...of Art.
I've been playing around in our new joint art room/office.
My husband retired so we moved his humongous desk in my art room.
Which is a good thing...... because the bed moved into his old office & so now I won't get paint all over my mom's bed.
I also have a lot more room.
It's a good thing.....sometimes.
Sometimes he won't leave.
What is a girl to do?

Bridal Shower Ideas

Miss To Mrs Banner

Wine Bottle with Baby's Breath Table Centerpiece

Cupcake Dress

Recipe Box and Pinwheel Crosages

Burlap Heart Banner

If you have been keeping up with my blog you would know my son is soon to be wed, and that I was throwing a bridal shower for his fiancé.
Well it finally happened this past Saturday!
 I had a blast making these sweet decorations.
I wish I had had enough time and energy to do tutorials for some of the projects; like the Miss to Mrs. banner or the pinwheel corsages. So sorry,,,, I really had intentions of doing at least one tutorial, but I could not find the time. It has been one crazy month.

I found most of the ideas on Pinterest. Then of course I made them my own way.

The shower was a kitchen themed shower. I got the invitations from Etsy, and you might know I have a shop on Etsy too.
I found a cute Mason Jar Kitchen Invitation from

Cherry Berry Designs

If you click the link to Cherry Berry Designs you will see the exact same invitation I used only a different color. The lady who makes these invites is super sweet and will totally work with you.

I made my own pinwheel corsages for the bride, hostesses, bridesmaids, moms and grandmothers.
They turned out so cute.

Pinwheel Corsages

I saved 6 clear wine bottles for the centerpiece and glued rhinestone ribbon on the necks of the bottles. I found the rhinestone ribbon at Michaels for a dollar. What a steal! I was having a heart attack when I found that ribbon. I knew exactly what I was going to use it for. Lol! I also used it on the frosted bottle on the table with the recipe box.

I made a recipe box because everyone received a blank recipe card in their invitation to fill out their favorite recipe to give to the bride.  I found the pre decorated box at the dollar store. All I had to do to spruce up the box was glue four wooden balls for feet on the bottom of the box. I got an oval chip board and stamped "recipes" and glued that to the front of the box.

The burlap heart banner is fairly self explanatory. Only difference is I sewed the paper hearts instead of glueing the hearts on the burlap.

As thank you gifts for everyone who came I gave out wooden spoons with thank you tags tied on with ribbons.

I used a lot of mason jars because the bride is using them for wedding decorations as well. Pint size jars for drinking glasses, the quart size jars were decorated with burlap and ribbon to use as utensil holders and also used for vases with baby's breath.

I had the cupcake dress made at my local HEB bakery. I put the pearls and brooch on it myself. Really if you know how to decorate a cake this idea is not that hard. Place cupcakes in the form of a dress and decorate with beads and a brooch. I think they used glitter icing which I would not have had.  I had to have it made because i don't know how to decorate a cake.

Bride Apron

And last but not least I made a turquoise bride apron for the bride to be to wear.  I also requested that all the hostesses wear aprons.
It was way too much fun!
Hope this gives some ideas for anyone who might be throwing a shower.

Valentines Day Red Apron

My word for this year is SAVOR! 
I know you are asking what does that have to do with this apron?
Or that I have this lovely red apron  listed in my Etsy shop :)
Well, well, the word SAVOR has more pizzazz then enjoy. Right?
Just look at this apron and imagine all the fun one could have with it. 
LOL! I love it!
Not only can I have fun with this apron I had fun searching for it.
I love the treasure hunt for items to sell in my Etsy shop.
But that is just one aspect for the word savor.
Each and everything I do from now on I'm going to savor the experience. I'm not letting a day go by or a moment go buy without really enjoying/savoring.
Good and bad it does not matter. Life is too short.
Still in my pi's, watching Rachael Ray while typing a post for my blog,
on a dreary, frigid, winters morning; are all priceless moments I want to remember. 
I'm savoring.

Guardian Angels

Finally spent some time in the studio. Oh it feels so good. There is nothing better then creating. I love to work with my hands. I love it, love it, love it. 
So why do I stop? Crazy! 
I've been reflecting on the past year and all that has happened.
 I feel so very blessed and thankful. 
 I could be so negative because of the ugly cancer and other negative things going on in my life (which I have never mentioned here). 
I refuse to be negative…... Positive thinking has been my salvation.
 Oh my, I can not believe how negative I used to be….how hard on me I used to be… judgmental to others I used to be…..and judgmental of myself! 
I have made so many mistakes, done such stupid things and been wronged by others. 
It's especially hard to forgive others and forget, but I know I can't have that baggage. 
I know God has helped me. I pray! I believe! My prayers have been answered. I am blessed. 
I think I have a guardian angel. How else have I gotten through. 
There are too many near misses….too many happenings that don't' make sense. Things that I don't' have control of. 
I guess that comes with just letting go…trusting. 
Either way…these are my sweet little angels…….To be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide.