Budapest Hungary My European Vacation

Next stop Budapest Hungary. I absolutely loved Budapest. I'm so glad I got to visit this unique city. We spent three nights and two full days in each of the major cities on this tour. Let me tell you that is not enough time to see everything. I wish I could of stayed a week in each city.
Here are some photos of Buda & Pest.... where the east meets the west.

Bratislava Slovakia My European Vacation

The next stop on my European vacation was a very short visit to Bratislava Slovakia. It was en route to Budapest, so we stopped for a couple hour lunch break and to stretch our legs.
Such a cute and sweet town.  The people reminded me so much of the folks I grew up with in my hometown.
I have to keep reminding myself that these countries were suppressed by communism and only recently have become free.


Prague Czech Republic My European Vacation

I had the opportunity to vacation in Eastern Europe this June. I think I mentioned before that my ancestors from both sides immigrated to America from the Czech Republic. Some came in the mid to late 1800's and some came around the early 1900's.  Most of my life I knew it as Czechoslovakia.
My sister and I have always wanted to visit Praha or Prague as they are calling the city now. Prague was the main reason for the trip but we decided to go with a tour group and visit 4 other countries in the area.
I'm going to share some of my photos of the trip. I took about 900 photos, but in all fairness I was there two weeks.
I'll start with Prague today, even tough my trip began in Munich Germany. Unfortunately we did not get to see much of Munich. We only flew in for one night, met our tour group and hopped on a bus the next morning to begin the adventure.
Our first stop was Nuremberg and I took a ton of photos but so sad my memory card on my camera went bad and I lost everything from Munich and Nuremberg.
Luckily I was able to get a new card before Prague or otherwise I would have been extremely unhappy.
Enjoy these pictures of Prague. Tomorrow or next week or whenever I will post the next stop in our wonderful vacation which was called "Bohemian Rhapsody".