Doodle Bug

Drawing and doodling while curled up on my bed is one of my favorite things to do. When I was a kid I loved to color in coloring books. I don't color too much any more, but I do keep a sketch book . I usually draw my dog. Practicing swirls and twirls are very relaxing. I decided to post this doodle for inspiremethursday because it is what I do in my comfort zone. It is very fun and silly. A simple free flow idea to paper that represents my work when I don't care how it turns out.


  1. Charlie..
    I doodle especially when I am on the phone...In my studio I have a pad that is there JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE! Doodles and words become such messages for me! This is a great doodle...Love the boots on the flower!!
    I still love to color and whenever I go on a vacation I try to find a coloring book in the tourist area that has the theme where I am..they are fairly easy to find because people bring them home for their kids...Me...well...LOL

  2. i still colour!
    i always keep a new pack of crayolas in the living room and a fresh stack of books, a wee one might stop by...

  3. I agree. Swirls and no commitment art always is so theraputic. Killer boots!

  4. This is so fanciful! It brought a smile to my face:>