To BLOG or not to BLOG

My new year's resolution is to start this blog. I love to create, so a blog seemed like a fun way to share my art and thoughts with like minded people. Along with starting this blog my real resolution is to do more art. I thought of doing an art a day, but I know I will never do that. At least two or three pieces a week. Maybe. The problem is I like to do too much. I'm a scrapper. So there is scrap pages to keep up with. I make jewelry. I want to do more journals and altered books, and not to mention ATC's. I just got a macro lens for my camera and I want to play with it. Suddenly this blog seems time consuming. Oh well, it's all for art sake. Right.


  1. Charlie...
    There is no rule that says you must blog every day!! LOL....Where do I get my inspiration you ask...It comes from within...My affirmation journal allows me to ask myself a simple question every day and then listen to what my heart reveals...I then paint the small mandala...You can see the whole journal daily at:
    The rest of the work that I do just comes from within...I am new to altering things...and not sure if it is for me...but I continue to try to find my own voice there...
    The best advice ... JUST DO WHAT YOU DO!!
    Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comment!

  2. A blog journal for me and by me.
    I write something very similar in all my journals....
    To Me...with LOVE from ME!
    Great minds think alike!!
    I still have to figure out the link thing to the post...Working on it is a chore...but keep sharing! Keep doing...keep growing...

  3. Enjoy! You might find having a blog it makes you create more, or distracts you more. The important thing is to have fun. Have a fabulous 2008!!

  4. Great resolutions! I'm of the same mind but not quite as ambitious as you are. I'd be happy with a piece of artwork each month. And yes, there are so many things to do for creative outlets. I hope you have a happy and productive year!