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I'm exhausted! What a weekend from @$%^##! Friday....I woke up like normal and walked into my son's room to turn on the computer...walked out like always and got a cup of coffee, ate a little breakfast, did a little journaling and of course watched a little TV. Then I noticed this screeching sound and at first I thought it was the TV....but no it was my computer screaming. It was making this horrible noise. It would not load. It was stuck and screaming at me. So I unplugged it and took it to the repair shop....long story short....we decided to get a new computer.
So now comes the fun stuff...for computer geeks.....maybe. My husband is the computer geek in the family even though I'm always on this thing. I just want things to work. Is that too much to ask for? It took us two days to get this new computer to the way I want it. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I got this new computer. It's a lap top and I now can take it anywhere in the house to work. We set up wireless Internet whooohooo. My husband already had it for his PlayStation by the way, so no big deal. Wrong! That alone took half a day. Everything is set up and I'm good to go other then transferring some data. My biggest problem and the one that caused me the most heart ache was that my camera which is not that old would not work. I could not find drivers to install it. Canon is not supporting this vista os thingy. So I have to buy another gadget just to retrieve my photos from my camera. A card reader is what is needed. No big deal, everything is working out...ha! This new mouse is driving me crazy.


  1. Oh gosh, this sounds frustrating. Yes sure, it's lovely to have the new computer but it's retrieving information, having pieces that aren't compatible and finding out afterwards so that there is more $$ involved, more time and possibly more frustration. Hang in there Charlie!!

  2. I'm with you totally when it comes to computer frustrations! My printer has decided to shut down. Grrrr...

    No more printing photos for my favorite hobby, scrapbooking. Time for a whole new printer I suppose...


  3. Which Canon do you have? You shouldn't even need Canon software or a card reader. I have Rebel and hooked it right up to Vista. It reads it as another drive. I'll try to look at some of my settings when I get home tonight.

  4. Charlie, gosh, when it rains it really does pour, doesn't it? Good luck on these technological terrors we have spawned to paraphrase my favourite movie villain. I have been there, done that and wow, it still sets my teeth on edge.
    But when it's done and over, smooth as silk sailing, I am sure.
    Take good care.
    Candace in Athens

  5. How frustrating! I have a new laptop and I just can't get used to the touchpad where the mouse thingy is!

    I have been on a trip so I am back home and trying to catch up on my Blog visits :)

    Off to have tea before I settle back into my Blog visits!


  6. I have given you a blog award over on my blog! Come on over and get it!

    Thank you for the inspiring art you share with us!