These beauties are in my backyard. They are called Echinacea or the common name is Coneflower. All I know is they are one tough plant. They come back each year and require very little maintenance. My kind of plant. They are drought-tolerant as well. A very big plus in my neck of the woods.
I used my macro lens for these shots. I love that lens. I like how it blurs the background and keeps the subject in focus.


  1. I told you we were kindred spirits...I love my coneflowers...and I have're so right -- they spread themselves, require little maintenance and are so abundant. I love the colour, I love how the petals droop and they even look amazing when they have gone to seed. I've got the pink but I also have some pale yellow ones too. Love your photos...they jump off the screen.

  2. Oh my gosh, how glorious your yard must be to have such beauties in it. Mine have yet to show up... late bloomers. These pix are great, too. What type camera do you have, Charlie? I need to really think about a new one.
    Candace in Athens.

  3. I am trying to catch up on all my Blog visits today....I have missed out on too much with all the work I have had lately :)

    These flowers are beautiful! Your pictures are just amazing and so clear!


  4. Those flowers are amazing! Beautiful colors! I like your close up photos!


  5. I love my macro lens too. These are beautiful shots.