Partly Cloudy Sunny And Mild

As I said I in my previous post I was to spend Wednesday lounging at the pool. AND I DID!
The weather could have not turned out better. It was in the low 90's most of the afternoon. The water felt great, not too cold and not too hot. I had a cute young waiter serving me Pina Coladas! whoo hoo! I'm so spoiled! My friend and I had a splendid time catching up with each others lives. We always say we need to get together more often. (Note to self... really need to set up more girlfriend outings with Marsha.) What a way to start the summer.

Now I'm going to switch gears for a bit. I'm seriously thinking about deleting my other blog Picture This. This blog Art Happens was originally started to house my art work. I wanted it to be for art only, basically my artful journey. The other blog was for my family photos, vacations, just anything I felt interesting to take a picture of. I really did not want to mix art with my everyday life.

After a little over a year of trying to keep up with two blogs I think it is time to streamline my efforts. I found I was not able to post as often here because I was not producing art as prolifically as I thought I would. It was silly of me to think that only a painting or a journal page was all I should post here.

I'm so very sorry to my followers over at Picture This.
Hopefully it will be a liberating experience. It almost feels like jumping off a cliff. Dang!


  1. Charlie, I am so so glad you had a chance to get your fun on! Hope you had a drink for me... I love spas and resorts and really miss them a lot.
    I understand about Picture This. I've been paring down some things lately also and or thinking about streamlining more... but don't YOU go anywhere now. That's an order.
    Take care!
    Candace in Athens.

  2. I am so glad you were able to have a girlie day! I love the color your painted your tootsies!


  3. p.s. You should have taken a picture of the Cabana Boy *giggle*


  4. I've tried the more than one blog thing and ended up with was good to have things separate and then I found somehow who I was just become the "one" blog...and people who like you will follow you wherever you go!!!

    I love the painted toes and heck, if I had a pool I'd have my 2 being cabana boys too...for all we do and have done for them, we deserve that bit of pampering!! And yes...make sure you and Marsha get together more often. I say the same thing about me and my friend takes much too long to get together and we wonder why we let things slide...