My Marie

Marie Antoinette

My latest creation.This is my version of a Marie Antoinette petite doll. It's a fairly large painting.....12 x24 which I can handle. I don't know why I can make large paintings easier then the small ones. Oh well.....too fun! I'm keeping her, so I guess I'll go get it framed. She looks good on the easel, but I think she would look better in my foofoo room.  The close up shot was taken outside so it has a bluer tone. Can't wait to get started on the next painting.
Hope everyone is having a great labor day!


  1. Ooh, you've been busy!!

    Funny, I just watched all the Marie videos from Suzi while I was waiting for the next Mermaids lesson. Those, plus a couple others, I hadn't even had time to watch yet. But I just had a craving for some Marie art! And here is a glorious Marie painting before my eyes lol!! You really did a wonderful job on her! No wonder you want to keep her. Nice job, Charlie!

  2. She is a femme fatale!
    So good, you would almost think it was Suzi's, but
    *whisper* it's better.

    Marie Anntoinette is a fun read...tragic.
    So young with no choices.


  3. She is beautiful! It looks like you added some kind of texture to her or is it an optical illusion?
    Anyway, I think I'd have to keep her for myself too:)

  4. Hi Charlie, She is beautiful! I love her hair so much, the dress and gazebo! I loved that class of Suzi's! You did a amazing job on the painting~
    xo Theresa

  5. I totally love the hair! Very textural. Isn't it funny how light makes the same colour appear completely different? These are just wonderful.
    Have a great great weekend and keep on keeping on.

  6. Can you tell I'm playing catchup? She is beautiful! I love what you did with her hair.

  7. Charlie...
    This is SO WONDERFUL! She would make you happy
    just looking at her every day!!
    Sorry to hear about your Mother...I know that is difficult...but the poem is perfect...
    Blessings to you...