Which Witch

I love Halloween.
Here is my latest little doll lady. I'm so pleased with the way she turned out. I had fun working on her, but I think I say this about all my paintings. I'm not sure what I'll do next because I've already switched gears. I got the sewing bug again, so I'm making Halloween aprons.

This is what I'm working on now.  If I get busy and make more I hope to sale them on Etsy. It may be too late for Halloween stuff, but I'll try anyway. I can always give them away. lol!

Here is a little weekly update. 
We got tons of rain from tropical storm Hermine. City wide flooding but my place is fine, so no worry.

Our hot water heater sprung a leak right before we were living town to go to a wedding!
We could not replace it until today, so we had no hot water for a couple of days. Geez hot water heaters are expensive.

The whole family and sons girlfriend piled  in the car to go to a  wedding this weekend. It was a lot of fun!

The sad part is my mom was not able to attend the wedding. We thought maybe she could go to the church part but she was not up to it. The good part is.... is it made us realize how depressed she is. We worked it out so that she will be able to go back to her assisted  living home. She has been in a rehabilitation nursing home since she got out of the hospital. She is not happy there but needs the therapy and full time RN's on staff that this rehab center offers. So we will see how it all goes.
Have  a good week!


  1. You're little halloween witch is adorable and inspirational! I love her colors!!! Hope your mom feels better soon. Depression is a tough animal and old people often have a hard time with change....sad!

  2. your paintings are gorgeous charlie!! i love how your girls are turning out :) glad your mom is getting better ... she's just bored in this other place isn't she? hope she'll get well soon and be up and about :)

  3. What a great painting - do more!!
    You know, how is this for a coincidence - at the weekend I bought a second hand book for my boyfriend's 14 year old daughter called... Which Witch!

  4. I love this new series you're doing and I especially like that it's Halloween related- my favorite holiday!
    I'm so sorry your mom is depressed but like you said it was good that you guys had the oppurtunity to realize it before she got any worse. I hope making the change really helps her:)

  5. Love the colors of witchie poo. Your art is always so full of whimsy. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she feels better when you move her...maybe being at her old place and seeing everyone will help.


  6. That witch is adorable! Love the color selection!