Computer woes

I'm back!
My computer was in the shop for 12 days and it did not get fixed. I'm so upset! I have a laptop which is only about 2 to 3 years old. The screen goes blank. This  is not normal for a young computer like mine which by the way I have never dropped or mistreated!  Anyway, sometime before Christmas the screen started going black when I used it off the external monitor. It's a lap top and therefore I should be able to take it anywhere in the house. Right?  It works fine with the external monitor hooked up to the docking station.
I took it in to a computer repair shop.  The nice young man who worked on it replaced the inverter and the lcd and neither fixed the problem. He did not know what else to do. At least he did not charge me. I'm grateful for that and the fact that I still have a computer. Not one that I can take with me all over the house though. I got so spoiled so quickly. It's so nice to watch tv and work on the computer or watch  my Suzi Blue videos while lying on my bed. Oh's back to the dark ages until I can figure out where to take it.
Oh and by the way don't buy an HP laptop computer. They suck! I'm not happy with this one right now.
Sorry no pictures today. I'm really behind.


  1. So sorry to hear you have computer problems Charlie. Almost nothing is worse, we depend on them so much. I hope you find someone who knows what the problem is!

  2. Hi Charlie, Computer problems are a pain! One of my daughters lap tops just had the same thing happen only it was a mac. Honestly I don't think they make them to last more than 3-4 years from my experience.I hope the problem can be resolved. Glad you could use the journal prompt! & Happy New Year to you. I love your Snow Princess in the previous post! Beautiful! ~ Theresa