Endless Possibilities

My muse has taken me in a digital direction. I'm combining some of my photos in phototshop and making cards. What do you think? Some are a little silly some are sweet and normal. I guess I have a goofy side that wants to come out.

Hubby was not too keen on the cupcake in the chair. I don't know.....It could happen.  He was not too crazy about the monkeys either. Really? I think they are cute!

All I know is I'm having fun and the possibilities are endless.


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  2. beautiful cards charlie!! i can see them better here and they're even more pretty. i dunno why but i think etsy has squeeze their bandwidth ... our photos dun look that good and crisp there anymore. crap!

    these are printed on laser printers? they look really good!

  3. I LOVE these cards, Charlie! What a great idea!
    What is better than a hu-mung-gous cupcake???
    What would you rather see sitting in a chair?
    A cupcake or a husband?