Teacup Tuesday

Last week I posted only one of my blue and white teacups from my mix and match set. I thought I should post the others out of this group before I move on. Interesting enough they are all from England, two are Johnson Bros, one Salem China Co, and the other Myott. I did not realize they were all from England.

 Coaching Scenes by Johnson Bros.

         English Villages by Salem China Co.

 Melody by Myott

When I started collecting teacups I really did not care where they came from or if they were old. They had to catch my fancy for whatever reason. I usually went for the floral pink rose types, so these were not typical.  This blue and white set has a nice, creamy feel. I like them all, really no particular one is my favorite. It's a nice set to bring out for company. 
I'm getting ready for the fourth of July and I've been pulling out all my red, white and blue. I think this set looks great on the red place mat. Too bad I wont be using them for the BBQ.
Teacup Tuesday is sponsored by Martha  and Terri each Tuesday.
Check out their blogs for more teacups. Join in the fun if you want.


  1. Hi Charlie: I love how they look stacked. I do that to my cups too. It is not to smart in Earthquake country, but I do it anyway. It helps with making more room too. I love your blues. They are stunning. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures. Blessings, Martha

  2. nice arrangement of cups charlie. I couldn't even look at your circus theme stuff...the pics of the clowns freaked me out...evil...pure evil.
    I love the bouncy red chair cards...they're all so whimsy...your gettin' good at this.


  3. I love blue and white so I enjoyed your tea cups!

  4. I LOVE this tower of teacups- so pretty and what a creative way to display them!

  5. Beautiful blue and white teacups, and love how you've displayed them for us :)

    Happy Teacup Tuesday!

    Warmest, Brenda

  6. Your blue and white teacups are lovely. They do look good with the red placemat.

  7. There is just something so homey about blue and white china. It reminds me of sitting on a porch on a rainy day sipping Earl Grey with a favorite aunt while she reminisces. What a happy scene! Thanks for the lovely pictures and happy thoughts.
    Tina xo

  8. Blue and white...one can NEVER have enough blue and white anything! These are beautiful!

  9. This is my favorite teacup post, so far! You take the most interesting pictures. I love your new header...so festive :)
    I'm doing my wine glass Wednesday...I might make a vlog... with a dose of courage.

  10. you got such lovely transferware teacups and all look so pretty stacking on top of each cup.. blue & white, they never fail us with their beauty!. thanks for sharing.

  11. Love all your blues! I have only just recently begun collecting china and teacups in blue transferware. They are truly beautiful in all patterns.

  12. These are so pretty and they all complement echoer so nicely, one could almost think they are a set. I love your photo with them all stacked, I would be scared that my hands would twitch and the whole tower would come tumbling down. Takecare.