Teacup Tuesday

This one is not old but I like it anyway. It has a Johnson Brothers, made in England marking on the bottom. I have four blue and white cups not matching but they go together to me. I like to mix and match everything. Great size for a cuppa tea. If you like teacups and would like to share yours check out Teacup Tuesday.


  1. Hi Charlie: Great tea cup! You are like me, I love to mix and match. I think it is the the only way. I do get my act together at Christmas and match everything. That is the only time I do though, otherwise we match by color. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful cup with us. Blessings, Martha

  2. That is a pretty Johnson Brothers pattern that I haven't seen. I love blue and white china and it is great to mix and match with.

  3. very pretty! I have been digging up pieces of blue and white china from a hill in my yard, I guess the rain washes up a little piece for me here and there. I hope to find enough to make something out of them.

    I like your teacup tuesday theme, cute!

  4. wow!! that's beauty! wish we had them here ...

  5. Hi, what a sweet teacup :) Happy Teacup Tuesday!

    Warmest, Brenda

  6. It is adorable....I love blue and white together. My dishes are Dansk which is white with a blue band.
    Lovely blog and lovely teacup.
    Have a great week!

  7. I just love blue and white china and I think any pattern in blue and white just looks naturally lovely together!!


  8. Hello Charlie- Lovely teacup. I also enjoy mismatched china. Mixing and matching things brings a cozy elegance. Take care.

  9. Hi Charlie, Lovely tea cup! I love the pattern. I should mix and match. I love your Wish artwork in the post below! I am having a art share on Sundays (on my art blog) if you want to participate, your always welcome to. Have a wonderful week, Theresa

  10. I love this cup. It is just perfect in color and pattern.
    THank you so much for showing it to us today.

  11. Why aren't you the little tea cup connoisseur...lol

    mixing and matching is good...I don't like things so in line and controlled.

    Have a good one!


  12. I wish there was a wine glass Wednesday...who wants to start this guy???
    HUGGS to you, Charlie :)

  13. I very much like mixing all forms of blue and white dishes , and it is fun! Your cup and saucer are very nice and would look great with my blue and white mixed table settings~

    ( I like prit.lisa's suggestion of wineglass Wednesday )

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  15. I just love this pattern of blue and white! Fill it with Tea and come join me for Tea Time Tuesday! Just love this teacup and saucer!