Texas Gulf Coast

Vacation is over. Now I have to get back to normal. I could sit on the beach all day. I hated to have to come home. Oh well.
Our coastline is doing ok so far. No oil has drifted on shore! YET! I'm so upset with that oil rig explosion and the fact that they can not contain the gushing. I know it will only be a matter of time before the gunk comes to the Texas beaches. Must be a bunch of idiots working for BP! How can they not come up with a solution?????
Enjoy the pictures while you can.!


  1. I loved the pictures! So relaxing!

    I am trying to catch up on Blog visits as this month has been filled with college graduations, medical school graduations, my son's wedding and now I am recovering from pneumonia in both lungs so I am a bit behind! I have missed you sweet Charlie!


  2. When I see this pic, I just wanna say...AAHHH!
    It's a shame you gonna come home. And yes, the BP people are idiots...you'd think they would have had a fail safe and a back up fail safe...hope your beaches stay beautiful...

    Have a great week Charlie!


  3. Ah, there's nothing quite like relaxing on the beach! I'm glad you had a good time! I love your pics ~ I can pretend I was there!

    Yes the oil gusher is frightening. It makes you feel both helpless and angry. Why CAN'T they do a better job?? I feel so bad for all the wildlife...birds and fish ~ some species of fish that have just been discovered, and now may never be seen again. I would love to AT LEAST see BP go out of business, but will be furious to see them carry on 'business as usual' after this...Like the banks that took our tax dollars and then gave out big bonuses...Grrrr.

  4. Hi Charlie, Glad your vacation was nice~ It is always hard to come back to home and readjust to it all. I am sick over the oil spill! The last few times I have been to our local coast here on the central coast of CA there has been oil in the sand. It is offal. I didn't see it when looking for shells and it got all over my hands and white pull over. The oil was only in little patches here and there. So I can imagine what the poor wildlife and our ocean's and coastline are turning into. So sad and sickening!!! ~ Have a great week~ Theresa

  5. Hey Charlie, it looks like you had a lovely vacation- those pictures are wonderful!
    And I don't even know where to begin with the oil spill- each day, I keep thinking they're going to to say they have actually made progress on STOPPING it rather than attempting to contain......maybe if they would just stop with all the finger pointing and get to work, they could accomplish something! Also, like Maggie, I can't help but think of all the creatures and ecosystems that are being affected- it's just horrifying!

  6. I'm so sorry this is effecting you personally, it's really tragic! What a lovely spot to vacation and I hope they find a way to preserve it.

  7. what lovely summery images, we are starting winter here in New Zealand so it is lovely to see the warm beach. So very sad about the oil!